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Wisdom Teeth in Kamloops

Wisdom teeth are actually the third molars in your mouth, the teeth that are furthest from lips/mouth. Wisdom teeth are so called because they are the last teeth to break the gum-line. They are common once a person enters their late teens or early twenties. Wisdom teeth often come in misaligned, causing pain and discomfort. Generally, they simply do not fit in the mouth with your existing teeth.

If wisdom teeth are left untreated, they can cause further pain, as well as damage to the gums or jaw. For this reason, it is often the case that the only resolution for misaligned wisdom teeth is their extraction. Our preventative dentistry x-rays can determine whether or not your wisdom teeth will be misaligned before they even break the gum-line!

Wisdom tooth extraction is a common, safe surgery. Sedation options are available to those who may need them, and all of our patients will receive instruction for proper care once extraction is complete. If instruction is followed, you will be able to resume your normal lifestyle in a matter of days!

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Though your wisdom teeth may be uncomfortable, if they are left untreated they can only make things worse. We recommend extraction for misaligned wisdom teeth, and we are here to help make the process as comprehensive as possible. Call us at Sunny Shores Dental if you suspect your wisdom teeth may need professional attention.

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