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Mouth Guards & Appliances in Kamloops

Mouth Guards & Appliances in Kamloops

If you enjoy sports and demanding, physical play, you run the risk of taking one to the teeth! While our teeth are equipped with a strong enough bite to handle resistant foods, they are fragile against sudden, jarring impacts. Likewise, your teeth will begin to wear down over time if you grind them excessively. Our guards are your first line of defence against teeth grinding and sports injury.

Bruxism, commonly known as teeth grinding, can be difficult to combat if you happen to grind your teeth while sleeping. Over time, bruxism can wear down the teeth, leaving them susceptible to further damage. Headaches and earaches are also common symptoms. With our customized bite guards that can be comfortably worn at night, we can help you protect your teeth against excessive grinding. Get back to sleep! Invest in our bite guards.

We also strongly recommend investing in a sports guard if you play as hard as you work. At Sunny Shores Dental we offer high-quality mouth guards that are custom made. This way, we can ensure you get the best comfort and fit for your teeth without having to compromise your protection. We will advise you on the best sports guard for the activities you enjoy, and we'll help you avoid the sudden pain and complications of dental injury.

If you have more questions about our bite and sports guards, please contact our office. These simple devices can save our patients from a lot of future discomfort, pain and cost. Let us know if you need to protect your teeth!

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