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Dentures in Kamloops

Dentures are intended for those who have suffered extensive tooth loss, either due to injury or tooth decay. Dentures are meant to be worn during the day, and they function much like natural teeth. They will assist you in speaking and chewing, and they require regular cleaning. Dentures should be removed at night because this will allow the mouth to relax during sleep.

Some people will require "partial" dentures. These are beneficial to anyone who has a small number of healthy teeth remaining. Partial dentures are affixed to these healthy teeth. Complete dentures are offered to those who have no functioning teeth remaining. Complete or "full" dentures are held in place via suction, although dental implants can be used as well.

All dentures take time to adjust to, but we are here to help! We will ensure that your dentures are the best fit for your mouth, and we will educate you on their proper care and cleaning.

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Significant tooth loss should not have to dictate your diet and comfort. Contact us at Sunny Shores Dental to learn if dentures are the right fit for you.

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