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At Sunny Shores Dental we are constantly upgrading and researching the best dental equipment available. The more modern our dental equipment is, the more thorough and expedient our dental services become! For this reason, we will continue to offer you current dental technology available to us.

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Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral cameras are the dentist mirrors of the 21st century. As dependable has mirrors have been to the dental practice, they are limiting in how much a dentist can see at one time, since they need to be small enough to fit inside your mouth. Intraoral cameras are also small enough to fit inside your mouth, but these can take as many digital images as the dentist needs. These can then be viewed by both patient and dentist together, allowing the patient to see and better understand just what is happening to their teeth.

Digital X-rays

Just as digital cameras have largely replaced the film cameras that came before them, dentists now rely on digital x-rays rather than film x-rays. Digital x-rays require less radiation, so they are safer for everyone involved. The images are also of a much higher quality, and so they provide more visual information that can guide a dentist's diagnosis and care of your oral health. Finally, just like your digital photos, our digital x-rays can easily be stored onto a hard-drive, so your dental x-rays are always at our dentist's fingertips!

Panoramic X-rays

Panoramic x-rays function much the same as digital x-rays do, but they capture an image of your entire smile, thus giving our dentists an even more comprehensive look at your teeth, gumline and jawbone.

3-D CT Scans

3-dimensional computed tomography, or the 3D CT scan, may be used if our other x-ray methods require additional support. These scans provide a 3D image of your teeth, tissue and other portions of your dental structure, allowing our dentists an additional method of diagnosis and detection.

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